almost 6 months

it's me!

I'm terrible about updating this thing.

I'm almost 16 months old now. I do my best to be an absolute terror! I'm fearless, not quite coordinated, and I have boundless energy. I know how to destroy things. I require constant supervision because I'm old enough to get into trouble but not old enough to know better.

That's not pee. I thought it would be a good idea to spill my water bottle all over myself.

I can say "la-la-la", "tasha", "sissy", "bubba", "mama", and "daddy." Not da-da - DADDY. If you ever hear me do it, you will collapse to your death, your heart having exploded due to its inability to contain the cuteness.

I can also do patty cake. Sort of.
almost 6 months

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It's looking as though I may turn out to have quite the bratty streak in me, as evidenced by my behavior ALL DAY TODAY.
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